We showcase your property at its best in a trusted format that gives comfort to buyers, tenants and their agents.

Our team of surveyors, photographers, graphic designers and IT professionals will ensure that:

You are in possession of your own high-quality marketing material for your property including:

  • professional photos;
  • RICS compliant floor plans; and
  • detailed copy describing each individual feature.

Your property brochure is published to the web via our cutting-edge web-based platform. This will allow potential buyers and tenants to:

  • easily find, view, print and share your property information.
  • view photos & floor plans via galleries that clearly show the layout and condition of your property.
  • display your property's location via google maps so that users can quickly find directions to and from it, and explore your neighbourhood via the web.

You can quickly and effectively distribute your property's details by :

  • submitting it to advertising financed property aggregators;
  • sharing it with your facebook friends and gmail contacts; and
  • providing you with a free advertising board.

We can showcase your property via the web to potential buyers and tenants within 2 working days of our visit.